Wolfgang Bigott – the navigator

Who am I? A person who …

… is experienced at quickly adapting to new environments, has demonstrated the ability to listen and partner effectively, understands complex rapidly changing systems, and acts in a target and results-oriented fashion

… stands for his beliefs in a straight-forward manner based on mutual respect and open dialogue

… deals with his partners respectfully, honors approved methods and principles, and communicates needs for improvement credibly

What do I offer?


Business understanding: Successful implementation of practical solutions across multiple business models and cycles.

Analytics: Professional diagnostics through the combination of precise analysis and long-term thinking.

Problem-Solving: Proven methods that can be adapted to individual needs in order to ensure sustainable business success.

Action Planning: A pragmatic approach with clear focus on optimizing collaboration and achieving business targets.

Coaching: Effective leadership driven by passion and conviction to help others grow through challenges.

Experience: A strong base of leadership and team-oriented skills, that are both global and cross-cultural.

Results: A clear understanding and personal belief that any planning and intervention must translate to the bottom line.